Laura Matthews Joins Med-X Staffing Services

March 15, 2021 7:55 AM

Laura Matthews Joins Med-X Staffing Services

Laura Matthews Joins Med-X Staffing Services

In-patient clinics face a challenging hiring environment. Not only has the Coronavirus pandemic put tremendous strain on our healthcare workers, but it has also made finding qualified staff members difficult. Competition for top candidates is at an all-time high, pushing wages up and making the pool of available candidates smaller. In addition, clinics are working with fewer resources than ever, making the time-consuming process of hiring that much more difficult. These are just a few of the reasons why in-patient clinics seek support from outside staffing agencies.

Expanding Our Leadership Team

Med-X Staffing Services is expanding its leadership team to help our current and future customers meet these new challenges head-on. That's why we're pleased to announce the hiring of Laura Matthews, MSHA, CMA (AAMA), as our newest account manager. Laura holds a master's degree in healthcare administration and brings more than 15 years of clinic management and medical assistant (MA) experience to her new position. 

Laura takes an active role in developing MA certification standards as an American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) Test Writing Task Force member. She spent four years working as a medical assistant instructor and holds a CHEP (Certified Health Education Professional) certification. Laura is also the current president-elect of the River Cities Chapter of Medical Assistants (RCMA).

Laura will work closely with Paula Purdy, CMA (AAMA) — our director of clinic services. Before launching Med-X Staffing Services, Paula ran the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland (MSMP) staffing service division for more than thirty years. Paula is also deeply involved in the medical assistant community at both the local and national levels. She is the current president-elect of the Oregon Society of Medical Assistants (OSMA) and is also a member of the AAMA Leadership and Advisory Team. In 2016, Paula served as the national president of the AAMA. 

Offering Customized and Flexible Staffing Services

Med-X Staffing Services specializes in hiring and screening MAs. These versatile healthcare professionals can have an immediate impact on in-patient clinic efficiency and care delivery. However, not all MAs are created equal. Our team's unique expertise helps our customers distinguish between the various MA certifications to choose the staff members that best fit their needs.  

We also offer flexible staffing terms that allow both the clinic and potential new hire to test out the working relationship before making a final employment decision. Our customers have the option of choosing temp, temp-to-perm, or permanent hiring contracts depending on which scenario they prefer.

While we specialize in MAs, we also have experience staffing every clinic position except for physicians. So if you need additional support rounding out your already exceptional team. We're ready to jump in and help.

New COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Services

Many healthcare organizations now face the monumental task of providing mass vaccination services against COVID-19, which complicates an already challenging hiring picture. These efforts require additional staff to administer vaccine doses and handle the massive administration tasks of moving people through the process quickly.

In response to this new need, Med-X Staffing Service has assembled vaccination teams to support healthcare organizations' vaccination efforts. Our teams have staffed the vaccine clinic for one of the largest OB-GYN clinics in the Portland Metro area. We also have a team currently hard at work in Pierce County vaccinating Tacoma, Washington residents, and the surrounding communities.

Until the country has administered enough vaccinations to end the pandemic, vigilance will be critical in keeping COVID-19 under control. Many organizations have instituted screening protocols that check employees and customers for COVID-19 symptoms before accessing shared spaces. Med-X Staffing Service has assembled screening teams to assist organizations with setting up and administering these essential processes. Our teams currently provide screening services for King County as Washington's largest community attempts to keep the virus in check.

The Right Partner to Meet New Challenges

If the last year has taught us anything, it's that in-person clinics must stay agile to meet evolving healthcare delivery challenges. Med-X Staffing Services continues to evolve by adding to our leadership team and expanding our service offerings. These strategic changes will allow us to serve our clients more effectively as they race to meet the unprecedented challenges that have become the norm in our industry.

If you'd like to learn more about how our company can serve your needs, contact us today by email at or call us at 503-922-1393. We can't wait to begin our conversation.

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